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Welcome to Dan's blog - making my Oak framed skeleton clock

Hi everyone. I'm setting up a blog so that I can post details about some of the products that are available on my website, as well as showing some of my wider portfolio.

When I first started making clocks, I wanted to make some standout pieces that people would be proud to display in their homes. The first framed mantel clock that I made was my Oak framed Skeleton clock. This piece consists of 4 pieces that needed to be made: the clock housing, the frame, the base and the dowel pins.

The first piece made was the clock housing. This was turned from a small oak bowl blank, with an appropriately sized recess cut to house the clock. Most clock fittings have a rubber fitting ring to ensure that the fitting is snug, however good precision is needed to make sure that the fitting is just right.

The oak frame and base, were made from a larger bowl blank, and both components came from the same piece. The frame was turned from the outer rim of the blank. This was then separated from the main piece using a parting tool to give an oak circle. This was then cut to a semicircle and then hand sanded to a finish. The rest of the blank was then turned to make the circular base. Finally the dowel pins were made using 2 small oak offcuts. All of the components were finished by sanding to 600 grit, sealing and then waxing.

Once all components were made, the clock needed to be assembled. All of the components were lined up and marked and then carefully drilled. The base was connected to the frame, and then the dowel pins were inserted through the frame into the clock housing. The fit was nice and snug so the clock could be dry assembled first. Once happy, I glued the base and the dowel pins in place. The dowels are only glued to the clock housing so that the housing rotates within the frame.

I was delighted when this clock found a new owner at the Christmas market that I attended in Exeter. I hope that it has pride of place on someone's mantelpiece for many years to come.

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