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Doing something a little bit different

Hello, I'm Dan. I was working as an IT Project Manager in the City of London when my first wife passed away in 2018. The following year was spent supporting my children and getting used to a very different life.

In early 2019, I met Deearna and started to settle into a new relationship. During 2020 we decided to move to Cornwall to start something new. It was time to get out of the rat race.

I've always been pretty good at DIY and with the support of Deearna, who gave me my first course as a birthday present, decided to give wood turning a go. With the guidance of my mentor, registered professional turner Mark Beckett, I started by making pens. I also make clocks, bowls, gift boxes amongst other things.

Every item is handmade and must meet my exacting standards before it becomes available for sale.

My workshop has a stunning view of the valley leading into Bude, with the sea in the distance. Perfect for creative inspiration!

Connect with me on Facebook and Instagram to see my latest projects.

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